The Armoury

ANU Kendo Club has an Armoury located within the ANU Sport building, where club equipment is kept.

Club members that train regularly can also store their Kendo equipment between trainings, subject to space availability and approval by the Club Armourer. Please contact the Club Armourer if you would like to store your equipment in the storeroom.

Equipment Loans

ANU Kendo Club is unique in that it has a large collection of bogu (protective gear), shinai (bamboo sword), and bokken (wooden swords) available to be loaned to participants of the Beginners Course.

Newly joined club members may be loaned club equipment – bogu, shinai, bokken – subject to availability of sizes and numbers. Club members that have been training regularly for a period of time are expected to purchase their own equipment and the club routinely makes bulk equipment orders from Tozando in Japan. If you would like to join in the next club equipment order, please contact the Club Armourer via the [club exec email or Contact Us form].

A selection of Shinai and Bokken are also available for purchase via the Armoury Store.